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December 4, 2014

Seasonal Changes to Opening Hours

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Chuckies is opening 361 days a year from 10am – 6pm except for December when there are some seasonal changes to our Opening Hours.  Before you travel, please check our Latest News/Special Offers Page to avoid dissapointment.

December Opening Hours

Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th & Sunday 14th.   10am – 2.30pm

FRIDAY 19th – Chuckies Christmas Party – Details on Latest News shortly!!

We will be closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & St. Stephen’s Day.

27th – 31st  Normal Opening hours 10am – 6pm.

Wishing all our customers a very Happy Christmas and good Health & Happiness in 2015.

October 27, 2014


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Jump out of bed & head straight to Chuckies.  FREE kids breakfast included in our standard rate until 12.30pm. Why not catch up with friends & relatives over the mid-term and relax while the kids burn off plenty energy.  THE BREAKFAST CLUB will run all week and we are also running TEATIME TREATS from 3pm – 5.30pm.  So if the afternoon suits better why drop in &  allow them to  burn off all that halloween sugar.  A FREE kids supper is included in our standard rate.  As we close at 6pm, to enjoy the full 2 hours playtime best to be there before 4pm.   In fact, why not bring the pj’s.  Kids will be dressed, fed & ready for bed leaving you to enjoy the rest of the evening.  No stress, no mess!!

For full details check our Latest Offers on www.chuckies.ie  Wishing you all a very enjoyable Mid Term Break.

April 23, 2014


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Run, slide, hide, crawl, climb & burn off all that sugar the Easter Bunny left behind. Relax with a cuppa while the kids play.

Open every day 10am – 6pm, whatever the weather!!

January 30, 2014

After School Playdate Special

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2 Hours  Playtime for 2 children including Pizza & drink all for €20!!

Available weekday afternoons until February 27th.

Come & join the fun!!

November 29, 2013


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CHUCKIES is open 361 days a year from 10am – 6pm apart from the following seasonal changes.

Chuckies will be closing at 2.30pm on the following dates;

Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th & Sunday 14th December





27th – 31st December – NORMAL OPENING HOURS 10am – 6pm


We would like to thank all our Customers for visiting Chuckies throughout 2013 & wish you all a very Happy & Peaceful Christmas.


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Mega Fun every Friday afternoon in December.

Tickets now on sale for CHUCKIES Mega CHRISTMAS Parties. €10 per child. 10% discount for groups of 3 or more.

Dates: Friday 6th, 13th & 20th December

Time: 3.30pm – 6.00pm

See Chuckies  Latest News section for full Details.

November 29, 2010

Chuckies Christmas Cracker!

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It’s hard to believe that Christmas Day is less than a month away.  This year more than ever before, its going to take an extra effort to ensure that the magic of Christmas is kept alive.  We have all become so used to the commercial side of it that perhaps it is no harm to rethink how we want our children to remember Christmas.  Its not all about expensive toys & gift giving.  It is a great time to relax and spend some time catching up with family & friends.  

At Chuckies this year,  we are offering extra value to our Customers.  So forget the doom & gloom and get into the spirit of Christmas.  We are having a mega Christmas Party this Friday evening (Dec 3rd)from 4pm – 7pm.  SANTA  will be in his grotto and each child will receive a selection box.  Don’t forget the camera for that memorable moment.  There will be a Magic Show, Christmas Disco, face painter & lots of playtime.   All for €10 per child.  For families with 3+ children, we will be offering a 10% discount.    

So come & join the fun this Friday and remember that Santa’s Birthday is on Monday 6th December.  If you put your shoes neatly outside your bedroom door that night, the elves will leave sweets in them if you’ve been good.  Christmas is about traditions. Make some new ones with your family this year.  Golden memories that you can recall at anytime of the year to enjoy.    

Happy Christmas!

March 8, 2010

Don’t forget Mother’s Day on Sunday 14th

If you haven’t already put some thought into making Mother’s Day a special day, then you’d better start thinking fast.  It’s next Sunday!!There seems to be a lot of confusion as to what women want on Mothers Day but really it’s quite simple.  It’s make a fuss of Mum Day.  Unfortunately, it has become so commercialised, that it seems to be more about what to buy rather than what will make the Day special.

In my view, Mothers are very easily pleased.  A bit of effort goes a long way.  Here are a few simple tips for a great Mother’s Day.
Someone has to take over the organising of Mother’s Day (most appreciated if it is the father of the children who does this).  Children need to be reminded and encouraged to make a special effort for Mum.  Make it a learning opportunity for them on how to think of someone other than themselves.  Flowers, cards and chocolates are always a nice treat.  Daffodils are lovely this time of the year and cost very little. Homemade cards are the sweetest and most memorable and will keep the children busy for an hour on a Saturday.   Involve the children in the planning – best done a few days before rather than on the morning of Mother’s Day so as not to run the risk of it looking like a last minute effort. Having said that, the rule ‘better late than never’ applies here!    

Breakfast in bed is very welcome but not so much fun if you get up to a kitchen that looks as if there was explosion there.  The cleanup is more important than the breakfast.  Keep it simple.  The fact that the effort is being made is enough.  I was presented one year with pancakes where the quantity of eggs was mixed up with the quantity of flour, the omelette with chocolate spread was a very interesting combination but it was made with love so it tasted just right.

A promise from the children to smile all day.  No arguments, no sulking, no fussiness allowed.  Just smile.  To be honest, I don’t care if they are pretending to get on with each other, I often have to hold my tongue so it won’t kill them to do it for one day.  It’s Mother’s Day!

As it falls on a Sunday, it would be lovely if the task of preparing for Monday morning was undertaken.  This involves making sure the school bags are all ready and lined up.  Identify what clothes the children for school the next day, uniform, tracksuits or both. Make sure these are washed, dried & ready for the morning.  Don’t forget this includes underwear, socks & shoes.  If you are visiting the shop for the Sunday Papers, remember to get any items required for school lunches the next day.  These are tasks that Mum usually sees after so making sure they are done will really make the day more relaxing.
Sunday Lunch/Dinner.  Everyone has their own preference for this.  Go out, Stay in.  It’s all the one, so long as someone else has made the decision and taken the appropriate action. i.e. either make a reservation or buy whatever food is necessary.  Personally,  I would prefer to sit down in the evening by the fire with a nice glass of wine and be called when my dinner is ready rather than go to busy restaurant with hungry kids.  I couldn’t care less if it is sausages and waffles so long as I don’t have to cook it or clean up afterwards.   This is a great opportunity for children to be involved in the setting of the table and any other age appropriate jobs they can do.  Keep it simple.  

Relax & enjoy 5 minutes peace from your kids at Chuckies.  When kids are small, they are up early and often get over excited about special events. Being on their best behaviour all day can be a challenge.  Take a family trip to Chuckies and while the kids burn off plenty energy, Mum can relax and enjoy a Complimentary Cuppa & a yummy Cupcake.   Just our way of saying ‘Thank You’ to all the hardworking mums who visit Chuckies throughout the year.

And finally mums, remember what the day is really about.  It’s a celebration of Mothers everywhere.    Take a little time to reflect on the miracle of nature that allows us to create another human being.   Not everyone gets the opportunity to become a mother and today forget the hardwork that goes with rearing children and just remember the joyful moments.  Look closely at your little wonders and remind yourself that they are the greatest gift of all.

Happy Mother’s Day.

February 9, 2010

Mid-Term School Break

 Is it actually possible that we are into mid February already.  Where did January go?  The children seem to have  only just gone back to school after Christmas.  Granted,  they had an extended holiday this year thanks to the Snow,  but even so,  the time since then seems to have flown by at warp speed.  It’s all a blur.  Even the children seem not to have noticed the passing of the last few weeks and are surprised and delighted that they are due another break from school! 
At Chuckies,  we always celebrate the children’s school holidays & breaks by offering a free kids breakfast in the morning and a free kids tea in the afternoon.    Over the years we have received very positive feedback for this service as it offers  parents the opportunity to get out and about with kids without having to think about whether they have eaten or not.  In fact,  when the school bell is not calling,  mealtimes tend to become a ‘grazing all day’ event which translates into a cleaning all day event too.
 So this mid-term,  whatever your plan, why not start or finish the day at Chuckies.   Relax & enjoy that elusive ‘5 minutes peace’ to catch up on a good book (which we have plenty of on our Book Exchange table) or meet some friends for a chat while the kids burn up plenty energy in the play area.  And because all our equipment is specifically designed to encourage child development through play, the added advantage is that the kids are still learning and they don’t even realise it!!!  
Wishing you and your family a very pleasant mid-term break.

December 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Santa

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santa_chuckies Yes,  it’s  the feast of St. Nicholas on Sunday 6th December and all the good boys and girls who visit Chuckies would like to wish Santa a very Happy Birthday.  This is a day which is celebrated in several European countries and marks the real  beginning of the Christmas season.   In memory of St. Nick,  the children leave their shoes outside their bedroom door on the night of the 5th and the elves leave sweets in them.  It is a good way of finding out in time if you are on Santa’s good list as the elves leave a stick if you’ve been very naughty.  The good thing is that it gives you enough time before Christmas Eve to pack in a few good deeds like cleaning your room or helping your parents to make up for any bold things you did during the year.  It’s never too late to impress Santa! 

As most children are off school on the 8th December,  our family has always celebrated this lovely tradition on that date instead of the 6th.  Every year I am tempted to get out the decorations and make a start but the value of building a tradition that happens year after year on the same date outweighs the urge to bling our home.  So,  every year on the 8th December,  we load up and head  off to buy the tree from the same person.  We usually have to cut about 2 feet off it just to get it in the front door and the branches are generally so wide that they sit on the couches on either side.  There is rarely an even spread of foliage with large gaps especially in the middle,  but we have plenty decorations built up over the years to camouflage these flaws of nature.

Next all the decorations are pulled out of every available storage place in the house.  As I tend to buy one or two special decorations every year, it is like a trip down memory lane as we recall where and when the decorations were bought.  Munching down enough Cadburys roses to sicken a horse,  the transformation continues.

Once the decorations are up,  its time to write the letter to Santa.  Make sure you thank him for the presents last year and ask him how Mrs Santa is keeping.  Santa loves good manners.  The letters are put in the fireplace so that the elves can find them when they visit and the shoes are left, neatly for once, outside the bedroom door.

The excitement of the following morning is almost equal to that of Christmas morning as the expectations are so much lower and the relief of finding sweets rather than a stick is obvious.  It makes the spirit of Christmas just bubble inside you.

Christmas is a great time to start new traditions or renew forgotten ones.  Traditions are so important and are part of the glue that holds families together.  They give children and even teens a sense of security as they know that in an uncertain world, some things stay the same.  Traditions are the ‘we always’ of families. They are at the core of  lasting childhood memories for kids and parents. 

So this year,  why not celebrate Santa’s birthday on whatever day suits you, in whatever way suits you and make a memory!

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